Pedigree Of

Negro's Remy Martin           Blue Roan                         PRA free  /   FN  - free    by parantage


Date of Birth

December 30th, 2013




Evelyne Olivia Mauthner



Parents                                           Grand Parents                              Great Grand Parents                         Great Great Parents                Great Great Great Parents


Pavek’s Don Juan

CH. Lindridge Ticket To Ride

Lindridge Star Turn

Sorbrook Bucks Fizz

Lochdene Orpheus At Sorbrook

Sorbrook Airs And Graces

Lindridge Fragrandcloud

Coltrim Cincinati

Lindridge Calypso Magic

Lindridge Satin Doll

Lindridge Fly High


Lochdene Bachelors Buttons

Lindridge Touch of Class

Lindridge Blue Moon

Sorbrook Bucks Fizz

Lindridge Fragantcould

Haradwater Stand By Me

Haradwater Nobelman

Haradwater Make Me Dream

Stocdale Automatic Pary

Haradwater Supreme Magic

I'm Haradwater Silhouette of Black Milk

Stecolin Let's Do it

Rommy of Black Milk

Haradwater Miss Congeniality

Souvenir de Vaccares

Nuage Bleu de Vaccares

Lucie de Vaccares

Haradwater Lulu is Back

Haradwater Double Pleasure

Haradwater By Choice

Negro's Whisby

Tripol's Sham Pain

Castanea King's Ransome

Cilleine Eulogy

Cilleine Echelon

Bitcon Pollyflinders of Cilleine

Shenmore Sonnet

Bitcon Troubador

Shenmore Starlet

Allert's Inspiration

Stocdale Lets Talk About The Rain

Stocdale Calipso Magic

Lynwater Mirage

Allert's Cornelia

Westerner Forest Blaze

Örlidens Living Doll

Roxanne of Draten


Morrissey of Draten


Jenia Du Plateau de Chambles

Tripol's Tennesy Walz

Galinette du Plateau de Chambles

Star's Josie

Tripol's Tennesy Walz

Pearl vom Sloopsteen

Stocdale La vie En Rose

Stocdale Dragon's Sonata

Lynwater Tiger Moth

Lulu´s Back In Town From Duntarvie

Stocdale Country Rose

Stocdale Make Dreams

Blenkarn Merry Maid


This Pedigree is True and Correct to the Best of Our Knowledge.
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